Hospitality Based Care

Hospitality is our purpose. What does it mean to us, and more importantly, to you? When you come to see us, it is the relationship that is important. You are a part of our patient ‘family’ and we take care of you as we would our own family. It’s that simple, and it’s also complex. There are practices that advertise what services they provide, like a menu. However well intentioned, that’s not what we emphasize. Our practice is built around you. When we decide what our care will be, it’s with educating you, and understanding what makes you tick. The services are the mechanism of getting things done. They are tools we use to improve your health. We work together with you to care for your oral health, and we stand behind our work.

Finally, I can’t mention hospitality without mentioning our people. We have the best staff around! Hospitality starts at home, and it starts with how we treat each other, our work ‘family’. When you visit us, as we get to know each other, this will be like the bar in the TV show ‘Cheers’...somewhere where everyone knows your name! Health care should be very personal. It’s about you after all! So why not come to a place where we get to know you? Our reviews reflect our practice: somewhere where our patients feel ‘at home’.

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